What I’m Not Good At

For the first ten years of my life, I really questioned my purpose. I was an overweight boy with horrible self-esteem. I tried several things in order to be liked by my peers. Guess what?!? They didn’t work. I tried playing after school basketball, and I was horrible. Outside of knowing what the basketball looked like and where it should go, nothing else computed. It was finally during my fifth grade year that I developed a love for music and attempted to play a few instruments. I quickly excelled and found something I could well. Later, I would see that I was to use this God-given gift to glorify Him.

Many, like me in my childhood, focus on what they cannot do. I know I’ll never be a Calvin Klein model, but I can allow Jesus Christ to shine through me. I will never be like a lot of the popular preachers on television, but God will still use His Word spoken through me. I will never be athletic, but I can run the race of the Christian life well.

Each of you has been given something you can use to the glory of God. You may look at it as pathetic or useless, but God does not. Remember the boy with the 5 loaves of bread and 2 fish? He offered this tiny amount to 5,000 plus people. The math doesn’t compute. But God works differently! He multiplies our meager resources and does HUGE things!

Before you begin to criticize yourself, stop yourself and offer what you have to God. I will guarantee He will multiply it. You may not see the benefits on this side of Heaven, but there will be eternal rewards for your obedience and faithfulness. Just surrender and watch God do the unimaginable.


4 thoughts on “What I’m Not Good At

  1. My husband is a minister, and it isn’t all that easy. I believe God calls people to ministry. I wanted a Christian, and I wanted to be in full time Christian service. My major was Education, and I taught in the city schools of several states for 20 + years. I believe God gives grace, wisdom, and He has a keen sense of who we are, and what we need from others. I believe I was saved by grace, like Ephesians 2:8-9 say. There are ups, and downs, in ministry. I believe God helps those who are walking close with Him. Draw near through reading the Word, and praying. I believe God is as close as we are to Him. May God bless you both, and may His hand be on your time together as you study, read, and pray with others. God bless.

  2. God chooses the weak, the foolish things of the world to shame the strong and the wise. I remember never being the best at anything as a child… It it ate me up inside. Then I became a child of God and suddenly my abilities didn’t define me anymore. God’s did. He can do anything! In one quick motion he had turned the tables.

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