Plastic Church

In over 20 years of ministry, I have had the opportunity to walk into many churches. I have served on staff in several, ministered in several outside of those, and visited some while in between ministries. I have noticed some to be quite plastic.

You may ask what plastic church is. These are churches where people come to worship without being real. They don’t share their burdens. They show up and fake like everything is okay because authentic community is not present. This is a sad situation. I have been criticized for being too real, but I will gladly accept the criticism because I want others to know that I am a safe place to come for advice or just a listening ear.

Many of us have heard that a church is meant to be a hospital for sinners rather than a hotel for saints. I have experienced that authentic community where it’s safe to be jacked up and messy. I don’t want anything else.

If you are a pastor and your church is plastic, I pray God will make a way for you to lead toward authenticity. This applies to whatever area you may lead. You and I can lead in atmosphere change. If you are in a plastic church, start praying for the plastic to become clay that can be shaped by the Potter’s hand.


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