Keeping up with the…Kids

If you’re older, you know the phrase “Keeping up with the Joneses”. Later, it became the Kardashians. At my stage of life, it is neither. When your income is small, keeping up with what others have is not an option. Guess what I try to keep up with now? The kids!!!!

When I say I’m trying to keep up with the kids, I’m not talking about the energy. I’ve given up on that one, but I take a stab at it. I’m talking about trying to keep up with trends, new slang, etc. I am now being educated on what “the tea” is and where I can find “the merch”. Is there hope for this 38 year old dad? I would love to hear your parenting comments. Let’s laugh (or cry) together.


13 thoughts on “Keeping up with the…Kids

  1. I think I just learned what the “merch” is too! Lol! This is funny, but so true. I think kids have totally outed the adults on so many levels. And how about the dances and music? I just can’t get with it all. But it’s fun learning their new practices and sharing the things we learned back in the day. When it comes to trends, especially clothes. A lot of those things are very vintage to us, just new to them. So it makes them feel good until they realize it was made in the 70’s. Keep up the good work parenting! You rock as a dad!!

  2. No clue what either is! The merch…is it a store? Lol Did you see the floss dance they were doing for awhile there? Just weird. Like little robots

  3. Good post. I am 68, and still trying to keep up with the kids too. All the generations can learn from each other. We stay young in spirit as we accept change and understand that different generations may see things differently than we do.

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