Summer Slump

One of the most discouraging times for me as a Pastor, specifically as a church planter, was the Summer. In the church plant, most everything went on hold because of vacations, etc. On top of that, the second Summer of the church plant was full of uncertainty. We went a month and a half without an official meeting place and experienced one of the craziest situations I have ever seen. Needless to say, I was discouraged, depleted, and depressed. I tried to be positive, but my outward positivity could not cover my inner struggle.

I don’t want any pastor to be where I was emotionally. I know have walked through so much worse. If you are a pastor, the Summer slump doesn’t have to put you into a place of darkness. You don’t have to walk this alone. Many pastors don’t have a confidant or anyone they feel they can trust. If I can encourage you or your pastor, please do not hesitate to contact me at


3 thoughts on “Summer Slump

  1. God be with you and give you courage, my brother! And way to go taking your personal struggle and turning it around as something to help others. I hope you get some takers on the email offer.

  2. Pastoring is neither easy, or safe. Some pastors are booted out of their churches because people take control, and say, “We want someone else now.” I believe God chooses those who will give their life to ministry. It isn’t ever as easy as it looks. The wife is there, and she is either aloof, and not interested in getting deeply involved in the church, or she is there and active. It is a hard place to be, unless you have settled that this ministry is for you also. I glide, slide, and bounce at times. I don’t bounce as much because I am older than I was when we came to this church. The congregations may dwindle, or they may grow to size until something happens that sends people away. They may go for another job, or they may just leave without telling why. People are not easy to lead. Sheep are not either, but when you put your faith, and trust in the Lord, He talks to you. Listening is important, but reading the Word is foremost. I maintain a relationship with the Lord, and read the Word daily. This helps me when I am in situations that come our of the blue. Surely as Psalms 23 says, Goodness and mercy will follow me all the days of my life, and I will dwell in the house of the Lord. His Presence is in us as believers, but I feel it is imperative for Christians to gather to sing, worship and to pray together. This is fellowship, and the Word cleanses us and shines through us. May God bless as you both go tomorrow, and may His light always guide you in the Word. May the goodness of the Lord be there, and may you have a wonderful service, full of His Presence. This is all one paragraph on purpose. I didn’t want to waste space. Smile. My husband has studied, and we go early to the church. God bless.

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