Great Grace

As I did my morning ritual of checking social media before I head out for work, I read an article about a tragic death in our area. In an attempt to get away from the police, a 19-year-Old drove off the road into someone’s basement, killing a 39-year-Old lady who was asleep. Later today, I saw where the young man asked the judge to deny bond and he apologized to the victim’s family. The mother of the woman who was tragically killed extended grace to this young man, telling him she would be praying for him and his family.

Honestly, I do not know what I would do in such a situation. None of us wishes to have a child die before us, but many experience this great heartache. This didn’t have to happen. This mother saw a bigger picture and extended grace to a guy who did not deserve it. He will live with this for the rest of his life, knowing that his bad choice led to this woman’s death.

What a picture of the grace God extends to us! We don’t deserve it. Many of us would have understood if this mother told the guy where to go. But this mother reminded me again today how grace should be horizontal as well as vertical. I’m glad God extends that great grace to me, but we get to follow His example by extending it to others. This depicts the gospel. Let’s strive to live the gospel just like this grieving mother.

5 thoughts on “Great Grace

  1. God’s grace, lived through His followers extending it to others in this world, giving an example to a lost one, never fails to give me misty eyes thinking of how pleased the Lord is when He witnesses His light shining through His loved ones. Always an inspiration to me.

  2. Very sad incident. What a saddening lost of someone you love taken by another by a freak accident. The young man is now bearing the guilt and blame upon himself. Thankfully, grace and forgiveness was extended upon him. I’m sure that he has made a turn-around towards God and seek more of this love from Him who also cares for his soul.

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