Worship Leaders as Models

I recently saw pictures of a worship leader modeling in a way that left very little to the imagination. From the persona of the model to the persona of the worship leader, I asked the question, “What is her life modeling?” This is a question we must all ask ourselves. To make it personal, what is MY life modeling?

Worship leaders are models. This is not a call from God to flaunt what He gave you. So what should a worship leader model? What should any professing child of God model?

  • Holiness – This must be biblically defined. Many have tried to define it as only your face and hands showing. Although holiness does manifest outwardly, the real measure of holiness is the heart. You and I cannot be Holy if the blood of Christ has not washed us clean. He must be in a relationship with Christ in order to be holy as He is holy.
  • Humility – This is a difficult thing for many public ministers to model because of the pressure to perform. I laugh (and sometimes internally cry) as I see worship leaders (whether vocal or instrumental) doing moves on stage like other performers they idolize. Many conduct themselves in such a way that you must be honored to hear such talent as what they provide. Arrogance leads to an empty, shallow performance where people are often left untouched because people are exalted above Christ.
  • Authenticity – The person on stage must be the same as the person off stage. I think that is all I should say about that.
  • Approachability – Too many worship leaders show up on stage for their part of “the show”, go backstage and goof off while the pastor is preaching, and show back up for their part. Those in the church never have an opportunity to connect with them. I’m glad Jesus didn’t have bouncers who kept the crowds away from Him.

Worship leaders are models. Every child of God is modeling something. The question is, “What are you modeling?”

5 thoughts on “Worship Leaders as Models

  1. Very interesting, amusing, and true. Holiness is recognizable, and so is pretentiousness.
    We once had a musician, who played only by ear. He bought a used organ at a yard sale. It was a bargain, because it had no volume control. The “worship music” he played gave everyone a headache, but no one dared say anything, because they were too “nice”. Thanks for sharing. 😁

  2. So my sophomore son is in worship band at his school, his textbook just arrived today and it’s titled “Worship Leaders, We Are Not Rock Stars”…. I laughed out loud, but I think this is actually an issue that needs to be addressed!

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