You Shouldn’t Act That Way in Church

I have seen many in churches hatefully rebuke those who do not act the way they think they should “in church”. Like it or not, a lot of our culture today (even in what we mistakingly call “the Bible Belt”) has little or no experience with church. If people do not have a relationship with Christ or are not well-versed in “Churchianity”, why do we expect them to put on a Holy and righteous act? Is it because for some it is just that – an act? I’ll digress.

I heard the most beautiful story of a loving pastor’s rebuke to those who wrote a hateful, anonymous letter to a lady who didn’t act the “right way” in church. Many pastors, for fear of losing people and/or their money, would have sided with those who had been in the church a lot longer. Thankfully, this pastor sided with the lady who was not a cultured pew-warmer. I’m proud to say this pastor will be our church’s interim pastor in a few weeks.

I want to share the video with you of his message at a Wesleyan General Conference. The story begins at the 6:56 mark. I believe it might bless you like it blessed me.


5 thoughts on “You Shouldn’t Act That Way in Church

  1. This reminds me of a story I heard about a woman who showed up at a church dressed very inappropriately. The church welcomed her, and the women were soon hugging her. (The men were friendly at arm’s length.) After the woman had attended the church for a few Sundays, she went forward at an altar call and was saved. The change in her was reflected in the way she dressed over the next few Sundays, making subtle changes each week. Later she told a member that the first time she visited she had decided the moment ANYone said anything negative to her, she was going to walk out and never come back. (>whew!<)
    P.S. One of the sweetest members of our church knits or crochets during the service all the time. Nobody thinks anything of it.

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