Just Let It Go!

As you read the title about letting it go, I apologize in advance for the song from “Frozen” playing through your head. I know it is punishment to some. This post does not deal with a movie but with my process of letting go.

For two decades of my life, I served on church staff as a worship leader, associate of various sorts, and lead pastor. God began doing a different kind of work in my heart that I had difficulty embracing. When the opportunities to lead worship and preach decreased, I was honestly questioning God because that is all I have done since my first vocational church position in 1996.
Over the last several months, God has given me contentment about this new season of my life. My role is not to be the man on stage now, but it is to be the one who ministers to those who minister on stage. Healthy pastors/ministry leaders lead healthy ministries.
You will notice that my ministry at this time will focus on writing and personal ministry to pastors and ministry leaders. I have been ministering behind the scenes as a hospice chaplain since 2014. God is broadening that as I minister as a “pastor to pastors” as a Standing Stone Shepherd.
Some of you may be struggling with contentment. You are not where you want to be at this moment. Philippians 4:11 says that we have to learn to be content. The Apostle Paul said in one of his letters to Timothy that “godliness with contentment is great gain”. Here the thing: contentment comes when we surrender our will to God’s. With that said, I challenge you to let go. Stop trying to make things happen that are not in God’s plan. God’s ways are much better than ours. Trust Him!

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