Do You Have to Be THAT Honest?

I was talking with another pastor last night about transparency, authenticity, and vulnerability. He and I were both trained that we had to put on the pretense that we were strong, capable men who could boldly lead God’s people where none have gone before. That’s hysterical as I think about it.

Some of us minister with a limp. I do. I was criticized by some for my transparency, but God opened doors for me to minister to people who would not have received me had I put on a facade.

James 5:16 says, “Confess your trespasses to one another, and pray for one another, that you may be healed.” This verse makes most people uncomfortable. Who likes the thought of sharing your struggles? However, God’s design is that we are transparent about our struggles in safe, healthy community so that we can pray for one another and grow through our struggles. I’ll probably get some people who don’t like that, but you’re entitled to your opinion.

I had a friend who was struggling with a sin issue over five years ago. He reached out to me later and wished he would have talked to someone before he lost his family and things he held dear. I apologized if I came across as being an unsafe place for him. He needed a place to open up so he could forsake his sin and begin the healing process.

If you do not have healthy Christian community, find it. It’s what Christ intended.


3 thoughts on “Do You Have to Be THAT Honest?

  1. Good post. I’m also reminded of that truth that there’s nothing hidden that won’t be revealed- so we may as well be honest, open and transparent now!

  2. Agree Pastor. Being vulnerable is important for healing and growing closer to people. However, I also learned to be honest with safe people. Some people hurt you and use your vulnerability as a weapon against you.

  3. Thank you for sharing ! We all need to pray for those in authority because there are a lot of pastors who need us but don’t feel free to say so.

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