Laying Out of Church

This weekend was a challenging one. My wife went out of town overnight for a church ladies conference and left me with the babies. I know some of you ladies are already rolling your eyes. I’m not complaining but trying to tell a story. My lack of sleep Friday night left me with lots of sleep Saturday night and the lack of desire to wake up this morning. My first thought was, “Let’s watch live stream of our church service today.” I’m not on church staff, so the service can go on without me, and no one will know. Ultimately, I did not give in to the temptation. I’m so glad I didn’t.

We sang songs I am very familiar with, so my heart was going through the motions until I began praying during the song before the message. The lyrics led me to very specific prayer for my personal life as well as for some people I know. So when our interim pastor began to preach, my heart was ready.

Pastor Mark shared from Psalm 145 which is an acrostic psalm. The interesting thing is that one letter of the Hebrew alphabet is missing. It begins with praise to God for His goodness and greatness. Pastor Mark then began to talk about the missing piece after the praise. What do we do with praise when we don’t understand why things happen the way we think they should? I encourage you to listen at the 28:23 point to the message.

I believe this worship song connects well with the topic.

The next time you think about giving in to the temptation to neglect a spiritual discipline, remember that what you really need at the moment is what you will miss if you don’t do it.


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