Lessons Learned This Year

As many of you know, my blogging journey is coming to an end as we know it. With that said, I do want to share the things I have learned this year. I know it’s only October, but my prayer is that these lessons will help you.

God does work things together for good. I knew this, but I was reminded. Some life circumstances looked bleak and unpromising, but God worked things out after a LONG period of waiting. Sometimes, life has to get the darkest before the light shines.

Surrender and contentment are beautiful things. I tried hard to make many things happen in my life, but nothing ever panned out. It seemed as if I encountered this at every turn. One day, I came to this beautiful place of contentment with my circumstances and the knowledge that God is in control. He will move me when He wants to move me.

Aspects of calling change as seasons change. I was in full-time church ministry until November 2013. When I stepped out, I was lost. It was all I knew. No matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get back in it. When opportunities began to open this year, I discovered I did not want to return. What happened? My heart for ministry did not go away. The way I desire to minister changed. Although I was taught that a specific calling remains for a lifetime, that is not the case. I am content to fill in for churches that need someone to preach or lead worship. I love doing that as well as encouraging pastors and ministry leaders. Does it make me less of a person because I no longer have a full-time position? Absolutely not! It means that I now have a broader reach than I did before. That’s what I get for praying the prayer of Jabez lol.

The church world has changed, but Christ has not. Because of this, my focus must be on Christ. I have no desire to impress or try to climb the ministry ladder anymore. It’s vain. The world does not have to know me in order for me to be successful. According to the world’s definition of success, Christ did not fit the bill. He was not a pompous, arrogant, wealthy “Gospel pimp” like many preachers of today. He was a humble servant who will return as Conquering King. He is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

I’m thankful for 2019. It has not been what some would call a glamorous year, but I will say it has been a sweet one. I believe my greatest days of ministry are ahead. Does that mean I will preach in megachurches around the world? No. I will probably continue to encourage the terminally ill, pastors and ministry leaders, and preach funerals for hospice patients with crowds of 50-100. That’s okay! I will do it joyfully and aim to please Christ in all things. I look forward to that day when I will hear, “Well done, good and faithful servant.” And that is enough!


3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned This Year

  1. Spending time with the sick and the dying and their families, as well as supporting pastors and ministry leaders sounds like some of those great moments, as well. I don’t think Jesus was interested in the fanfare either, and look where you are right now: with the hurting, grieving, and dying, as well as providing support to those who minister into the lives of others. If that is not pastoral, then I don’t know what is.

  2. Exactly the reason why I deleted certain social media. Self promotion is exhausting! I will continue to minister as God has called me. If He wants me to be promoted then He will do the work. There is so much freedom in surrender. I look forward to staying connected on LinkedIn. 😊

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