Winding Down…Or Not

As I am in my last few days of this blog domain, I have been writing in preparation to cease from blogging and refuel. That is still the plan, but God shifted things just a little.

I received a call yesterday to fill an interim worship role beginning Sunday, November 3. We are potentially looking at two months, but this is subject to change due to some other transition. This is a great situation, and I am glad to help for these next few months.

Here is what I have learned. You and I can try to “help God out”, but God does a much better job opening and closing doors. While I have been good at giving you honest thoughts, I have been giving them to myself for the last few months. The truth has been setting me free.

In the writing sense, I’m winding down. In the church ministry sense, I getting rebooted for a time. Please join me in praying that God uses me during that time of transition and that Christ will be exalted.


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