State of the Church: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-COVID-19

My thoughts on the church in relation to the pandemic. If you haven’t followed my new blog, here’s your chance😀. This blog is now only available through WordPress reader and not to the general public. Hence the change!

Honest Thoughts from a Pastor

This pandemic has caused me to think a lot about the state of the church. I believe much about the church has already been exposed, and much will be revealed when we are on the other side of this. Some of what I will share will be more of a hopeful forecast, but I will share it anyway.

I see the state of the church pre-COVID-19 as attractional. It is almost like each local church is similar to a dating relationship – look good to draw him in, do things in order to keep him, but not do the best job of being attentive after time passes.

I see that the state of the church mid-COVID-19 will be surprised. We have not had a prolonged time (in my lifetime) when we had been faced with missing a few weeks of worship together with the potential of more than…

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