State of the Church: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-COVID-19

My thoughts on the church in relation to the pandemic. If you haven’t followed my new blog, here’s your chance😀. This blog is now only available through WordPress reader and not to the general public. Hence the change!

Honest Thoughts from a Pastor

This pandemic has caused me to think a lot about the state of the church. I believe much about the church has already been exposed, and much will be revealed when we are on the other side of this. Some of what I will share will be more of a hopeful forecast, but I will share it anyway.

I see the state of the church pre-COVID-19 as attractional. It is almost like each local church is similar to a dating relationship – look good to draw him in, do things in order to keep him, but not do the best job of being attentive after time passes.

I see that the state of the church mid-COVID-19 will be surprised. We have not had a prolonged time (in my lifetime) when we had been faced with missing a few weeks of worship together with the potential of more than…

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2 thoughts on “State of the Church: Pre-, Mid-, and Post-COVID-19

  1. Very true, and what’s so sad is many churches may not survive this financially. Others may just succumb spiritually, though for others still, this may be an opportunity to grow and possibly even lead a revival. Wouldn’t that be a slap in the devil’s face? Ha. Regardless, we can expect more challenges in the coming years and how we face things now will have a ripple effect.

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