Accepting Your Assignment

In the world of ministry, there is an element of pressure to be a certain thing. If you pastor a church, you need to have certain goals, attire, etc. My reality is that I haven’t fit the modern bill for a pastor. I’m an old soul. I’m the guy that most people didn’t realize was in the room until 30 minutes later if at all. Guess what?!? That’s okay!

God doesn’t go after a certain type that impresses Him. Who would impress the Almighty anyway? According to I Corinthians 1, He says “not many mighty and not many noble are called” so that no flesh should glory in His presence. God never called me to be someone’s expectations. He has given me a specific assignment. Any other pursuit is a demonic distraction.

Maybe you’re struggling with who you are in Christ and how God has wired you. That’s okay! Allow God to show you your true identity and give you the contentment to accept that!


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