Zooming In When I Should Be Zooming Out

My wife and I rarely ride to church together. I like to arrive early, and she typically runs behind, so I drive separately. Because our van has been less than dependable, we rode in my car today. Anyone with several small children knows how a car ride with a mom, dad, and 3 small children 5 and under can be. Amazingly, Jennifer and I were able to have some quality conversation.

As we were making our 40-minute journey to church, I was reflecting on our current situation and upcoming changes (those I will share at a later date). I may be a pastor, but I made a really short-sighted comment in relation to what God might be doing with some of these changes. Jennifer, as any wife with a better perspective would do, points out my short-sighted view of God and challenges me to see a bigger picture of what God is doing. 

How many of us try to hurry through life and zoom the camera in rather than try to get the full view? It’s like rushing to the end of a movie to see the happy ending while skipping over the plot. I’m the guy who wants to skip over the plot of life, especially if it doesn’t fit my desired narrative.

May I remind you (as I am reminding myself) that God has your best interest at heart (mine too). That best interest may involve allowing things into our lives that will sharpen us. We would not choose these things, but God is more into developing our character than our comfort. 

As you go through life’s journey, take time to see the bigger picture of what God is doing. While it takes more time and effort, you’ll gain more appreciation and understanding of God’s greater plan. Let me let you in on something – He’s working all things together for the good of those who love Him.


4 thoughts on “Zooming In When I Should Be Zooming Out

  1. Amen, Matthew! I’m a big picture person,…I’ve always seen it. Yet, I love seeing the small details, too. Life experiences have brought a beautiful balance! Thank you both for leading in the Lord’s work. Stay safe and blessed!

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