Mail Carrier

I have never had a job with the postal service, but I’ve been a mail carrier all my life. So have you! You might say, “Matthew, I don’t get it!” Let me explain😀.

We all deliver a message. The content of the message varies. You might be the bearer of good news, bad news, facts, misinformation, gossip, or the gospel. Depending on the kind of mail we deliver, some may be excited to be in our presence, while others may be excited to see us take a walk. 

What kind of mail do you deliver? Are you delivering the right kind? If not, what kind of mail should you be delivering? God, help us deliver a message that brings life and blessing to others, even when the message might cut against our sinful nature. 

5 thoughts on “Mail Carrier

  1. I try to share the gospel at every opportunity. Some people seem to appreciate it and say, in essence, “Maybe I’ll open this later.” Other times I get disappointed when their response is clearly “Return to Sender.” 😕

  2. Good analogy!!! I need to modify my delivery system. Oh how the Lord is at work trying to mold me. If only I would get out of His way and keep trying to change my vessel!!!

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