Remembering Pastor Ken Fetuao

Approximately five years ago, I was reaching out in a Facebook pastors group for support. I knew I was still called to be a pastor, but not many churches would touch a divorced guy with a 39 1/2-foot pole. Several pastors commented with their platitudes, but I received a message from a guy who had been in the same boat. He wanted to talk on the phone, so we set up a time and had a good conversation that would open the door for periodic contact over the next several years. 

Many Facebook connections never get to meet face to face, but Ken and I met for lunch when he was in the area last September. He was looking for preaching opportunities in our area, so I connected him with a local denominational leader. It was the least I could do for a man who encouraged me. 

Around lunch time today, I found out Ken went into the presence of the Lord he faithfully preached. In this stage of his life, Ken had a heart for churches that were struggling. There was no price tag to ministry for him. Based on the posts I have seen so far on his Facebook page, my life was not the only one that was touched by his kindness. 

Please pray for those who have been touched by his life and ministry. I pray the Lord will give me the heart for souls that this dear brother had. Enter into your reward, Pastor Ken! Until we meet in glory!


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