Remembering Pastor Ken Fetuao

Approximately five years ago, I was reaching out in a Facebook pastors group for support. I knew I was still called to be a pastor, but not many churches would touch a divorced guy with a 39 1/2-foot pole. Several pastors commented with their platitudes, but I received a message from a guy who had been in the same boat. He wanted to talk on the phone, so we set up a time and had a good conversation that would open the door for periodic contact over the next several years. 

Many Facebook connections never get to meet face to face, but Ken and I met for lunch when he was in the area last September. He was looking for preaching opportunities in our area, so I connected him with a local denominational leader. It was the least I could do for a man who encouraged me. 

Around lunch time today, I found out Ken went into the presence of the Lord he faithfully preached. In this stage of his life, Ken had a heart for churches that were struggling. There was no price tag to ministry for him. Based on the posts I have seen so far on his Facebook page, my life was not the only one that was touched by his kindness. 

Please pray for those who have been touched by his life and ministry. I pray the Lord will give me the heart for souls that this dear brother had. Enter into your reward, Pastor Ken! Until we meet in glory!


Mail Carrier

I have never had a job with the postal service, but I’ve been a mail carrier all my life. So have you! You might say, “Matthew, I don’t get it!” Let me explain😀.

We all deliver a message. The content of the message varies. You might be the bearer of good news, bad news, facts, misinformation, gossip, or the gospel. Depending on the kind of mail we deliver, some may be excited to be in our presence, while others may be excited to see us take a walk. 

What kind of mail do you deliver? Are you delivering the right kind? If not, what kind of mail should you be delivering? God, help us deliver a message that brings life and blessing to others, even when the message might cut against our sinful nature. 


“Ghosted” is a very popular term and something many of us experience. The New York Times defines it this way: “Ghosting — when someone cuts off all communication without explanation — extends to all things, it seems.” In my years of ministry, I have been ghosted multiple times. People who promise to join the church choir will ghost you if they have no intention of really joining. Those who don’t want to hurt your feelings will ghost you by avoiding your phone calls, texts, Facebook messages, and other forms of communication. Ghosting is quite common, and I wish I could say I’ve never ghosted anyone, but I’m very guilty.

Ghosting displays our lack of courage. We who seek to avoid conflict find it much easier to ghost someone than to tell them how we really feel. While it seems that social media has made lions out of mice in some respects, it is still the easier form of avoidance in our modern, spineless society.

I’m so glad God never ghosts us. He doesn’t go out of His way to avoid us. He lovingly corrects us when we need it and gently comes alongside us when we need His comfort. He promised to never leave us nor forsake us, and He has since “eternity past” delivered on all His promises. 

Are you tempted to ghost someone? Maybe you’re currently doing that. Consider how you would feel. Take the high road. Answer that phone call. Have that face-to-face conversation. Be the courageous person God called you to be. You’ll be glad you did!

Accepting Your Assignment

In the world of ministry, there is an element of pressure to be a certain thing. If you pastor a church, you need to have certain goals, attire, etc. My reality is that I haven’t fit the modern bill for a pastor. I’m an old soul. I’m the guy that most people didn’t realize was in the room until 30 minutes later if at all. Guess what?!? That’s okay!

God doesn’t go after a certain type that impresses Him. Who would impress the Almighty anyway? According to I Corinthians 1, He says “not many mighty and not many noble are called” so that no flesh should glory in His presence. God never called me to be someone’s expectations. He has given me a specific assignment. Any other pursuit is a demonic distraction.

Maybe you’re struggling with who you are in Christ and how God has wired you. That’s okay! Allow God to show you your true identity and give you the contentment to accept that!

Does Anyone Blog Anymore? (Are You Still Out There?)

It’s been quite some time since I posted on this account. I left blogging for a minute and let the paid domain go for this account. WordPress made me invisible for several months because the unpaid domain reappeared, so I started a brand new blog with only 10 percent of my initial audience.

I have been blessed to have over 1,600 followers on this site. Are you guys still blogging? What developments have risen in your life in the last few years? I value our connection and would love to hear what is happening with you. Let me hear from you in the comment section.

Zooming In When I Should Be Zooming Out

My wife and I rarely ride to church together. I like to arrive early, and she typically runs behind, so I drive separately. Because our van has been less than dependable, we rode in my car today. Anyone with several small children knows how a car ride with a mom, dad, and 3 small children 5 and under can be. Amazingly, Jennifer and I were able to have some quality conversation.

As we were making our 40-minute journey to church, I was reflecting on our current situation and upcoming changes (those I will share at a later date). I may be a pastor, but I made a really short-sighted comment in relation to what God might be doing with some of these changes. Jennifer, as any wife with a better perspective would do, points out my short-sighted view of God and challenges me to see a bigger picture of what God is doing. 

How many of us try to hurry through life and zoom the camera in rather than try to get the full view? It’s like rushing to the end of a movie to see the happy ending while skipping over the plot. I’m the guy who wants to skip over the plot of life, especially if it doesn’t fit my desired narrative.

May I remind you (as I am reminding myself) that God has your best interest at heart (mine too). That best interest may involve allowing things into our lives that will sharpen us. We would not choose these things, but God is more into developing our character than our comfort. 

As you go through life’s journey, take time to see the bigger picture of what God is doing. While it takes more time and effort, you’ll gain more appreciation and understanding of God’s greater plan. Let me let you in on something – He’s working all things together for the good of those who love Him.

Guest Post from Sally Johnson: How to Begin

How to begin?  

For hours, I’ve been fighting with my sentences. My computer keys aren’t spilling out eloquent words. My mind doesn’t have scholarly solutions for the conflict-ridden divisiveness that’s rocking our nation. Somehow, it’s simply my heart that wants to be heard. 

Just my humbled heart—speaking to yours.

Across our nation hearts are

bent over by the current chaos that torments our lives,

seeking out truth amidst the swordfight of opposing opinions,

searching for direction for each step forward, and

needing strength to plod on one foot after another.


Across our nation hearts are

broken and wounded, searching for healing,

hungry for mercy, grace, and compassion, and

yearning for a place of refuge.

Take heart and be encouraged!

Across our nation (and the entire globe), 


supports all who fall and lifts up all who are bent over, 

heals the brokenhearted and binds up their wounds, and* 

directs our steps if we humbly ask Him to.**

The LORD is our 

refuge and strength and our

ever-present help in trouble.*** 

He is a God of

Precious grace,

mercy, and


Let’s take care of our hearts dear reader, by deeply breathing in His lavish love for us. During these complicated times, may we each find His answers to our unique needs as well as find rest and refuge in the shadow of His wings.

(Based on *Psalm 147:3; **Psalm 37:23; ***Psalm 46:1; **** Psalm 36:7)

Thoughts on Pastoral Suicides

My latest blog post on pastoral suicides and some things we should know

Honest Thoughts from a Pastor

In light of another pastoral suicide, I have received quite a few messages about why this might happen. I will give you a glimpse into the pastor’s mind. Hang with me for a moment.

It is easy for a pastor to find his identity in his job as a pastor. I did. As a man, I allowed success to be determined by how many were in attendance, how many people were actively involved in various ministries, etc. When my work was criticized, I took it very personally. Often, I took it way too personally. I allowed myself to believe I was failure. That spirals into long bouts of depression. You begin to question if you do anything right. You feel an intense responsibility, wondering if you have failed the people God has entrusted to you and that you have ultimately failed God.

Some might read this and think, “A pastor…

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Willing to Serve without Terms and Conditions

This is the latest post on my new site. It’s also the latest lesson God has been teaching me. If you’re not following the new site, please go follow so you can keep up with my latest writing.

Honest Thoughts from a Pastor

Over the last several weeks, I have really reflected on my willingness to serve God in various capacities. When I was younger, not divorced, and didn’t have some of the life circumstances I currently possess, I could be pretty choosy about where I served God. I could be more particular about location, church size, salary, and many other things. The bottom line is this – I gave God terms and conditions on where, when, and how I would serve. Circumstances don’t allow me to be so selective now.

You may ask why I was so selective. It was very much selfish. The biggest reason was my fear of experiencing church hurt once again. I told God I wouldn’t serve a particular church because it was notorious for eating pastors alive, and I knew they would have a good time with me, considering how much meat is on my body😂…

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On the Air in 5…

I do not consider myself to be an on air personality by any means, but I was contacted a few weeks ago by a lady named Bridgett Banks. She hosts the “Ignite Your Purpose Radio Show” on Blog Talk Radio. Bridgett invited me to discuss the state of the 21st century church in relation to COVID-19. I saw it as a door God opened and did not turn it down. Despite some technical glitches, it was a good experience. Here is the link to the program:

I have been contemplating a podcast for quite some time too. Once again, I am a novice, but I believe there are some things that need to get out there. The podcast will be for both pastors and those in the seats. We will hit some hot topics that pastors need to address in addition to some things those who aren’t in leadership need to help them navigate through issues relevant to them. The title will be in keeping with my blog “Honest Thoughts from a Pastor”. Go like us on Facebook at The actual podcast will be up and running in a few weeks. 

Anything God has done through me continues to blow my mind. I give Him all the glory. Please do not hesitate to contact me through the “contact” page here. I am here to serve.