Church Plant Team Members Needed!

Overcomers Church is a young church in Walhalla, SC that is in need of team members to help in the areas of worship (singers and instrumentalists), students, children, first impressions, media, discipleship, etc. I realize that the audience of this blog is scattered across the world, but some of you are near us. I am … Continue reading Church Plant Team Members Needed!


A Story of Running

This morning, I preached the story of Jonah. I know you're already thinking, "I've heard this all my life. I learned it in Sunday School and watched the Veggie Tales version. I've got this." I will not rehearse the basic details of the story, but I will highlight the main thought from my message. Jonah … Continue reading A Story of Running

The Sinner’s Prayer Just Might Send You to Hell

1-2-3-pray-after-me and live like hell until you get to Heaven - secure salvation with a money back guarantee. I have been in "Christian" circles that taught me that if I repeated a prayer word for word after a preacher or Sunday School teacher, then I was guaranteed a one-way ticket to Heaven. From that point, … Continue reading The Sinner’s Prayer Just Might Send You to Hell

9 Spiritual and Natural keys to conquering lifelong obesity.

Many of us struggle with being overweight. This fellow blogger has gained some victory in this area and has some helpful tips.

Are you battling lifelong obesity? Have you always dreamed of being thin? I have been in your shoes and reached 400+ pounds. Recently I have reached the 180 pounds lost mark. In this article, I will briefly share 9 spiritual and natural keys that helped me to lose a substantial amount of weight.

  1. Renew your Mind.

Identify negative statements coming from your heart. Replace them with relevant scriptures from the bible. Repeat these scriptures to yourself. Speak positive things about yourself and your weight loss journey. Example:  I am healthy and blessed. I am able to lose all of this weight.

  1. Start a morning routine.

Jesus Christ had a morning routine, thus we should follow His example. You can start your day on your knees in prayer, do confessions, exercise, browse through your to-do-lists, etc. If you consistently start your day with God, you will become stronger and able to…

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