EVERYONE Needed to Be in Bed

Image from memegenerator.net

Let’s have some honest talk about home life. As much as we would love to think our family time at home is a beautiful scene from “The Waltons” or a black and white program, it is farrrrrr from the truth! Some nights are great, but tonight was not one of them. At one point, our 1-year-old was acting the best (parents included). I was looking at the clock around 8:45 pm and exclaimed, “It’s bedtime for everyone!” Did we get there quickly after my shout? No! I’m awake enjoying a quiet house at 11:50 pm and writing.

How many of us get moody? All of us! When we should be understanding and compassionate, our flesh quickly takes control. We have a fight on our hands. That fight is with ourselves.

I have been a parent for almost 16 years and have far from mastered this thing of being a husband and father. I must admit that I was a grouch like the rest. So what do we do when we have days like this?

Pull away if possible! If you can remove yourself from a situation so you can calm down, do it.

Apologize when appropriate! I discovered many years ago that my children respected me for apologizing when I reacted inappropriately.

Forgive yourself and learn from the mistakes! Easier said than done. Nonetheless, we are going to really bomb some days. Learn the lessons and move forward.

Speaking of bed time, I’m headed that way.