Transparency Is Ugly

This has been a difficult week for me. My first instinct was to refrain from posting, but then I receive a nudge telling me that someone just might relate. Someone might be having a tough week at work. Some pastor might be ready to quit. Someone battling an illness may be sick of fighting. Someone … Continue reading Transparency Is Ugly


The Expectations of Others

I would be hard-pressed to find someone who is not living under someone else's expectations. We go to work and have to perform up to the company's or supervisor's expectations. Students must perform up to the teacher's expectations. Children must perform up to the parents' expectations. Everywhere you turn, you are having to please someone. … Continue reading The Expectations of Others

3 Habits for Altering the Altar Service

I don’t do this every Sunday, but I do most Sundays. I agree with William on these guidelines for an “altar service”, “invitation”, or whatever you prefer to call it. Every believer should follow this example. Imagine how the power of God would move as we obey Him and are sensitive to His Spirit.

a different perspective

If you are a casual Christian with little interest

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