Like Riding a Bike

I think we have all wondered if we could do something again after being out of practice and received the response, "It's like getting back on a bicycle. It will all come back to you." That is how I felt this morning. I have preached since November 2013, but it's one thing to just preach … Continue reading Like Riding a Bike


Me…Start a Church?

Although God put this in my heart in 1997 after I surrendered to the call to preach, I kept the vision in my heart but fought against it becoming a reality. People have various thoughts about church planting. One of those is "Why start another church when we have so many others?" That's a great … Continue reading Me…Start a Church?

Worship: Spectator or Participator Sport?

I could address this subject from so many different angles. Some of you who read this are more reserved and probably lean toward worship being for spectators. You were raised in a church where you watched and listened to the choir, the pastor, and anyone else who participated. You may have slightly engaged in congregational … Continue reading Worship: Spectator or Participator Sport?