What Do/Will People Think of Me?

How many people allow this question to terrorize them? I would say the vast majority of people allow this question to eat away at their spirit. I have. When I returned to this area in January 2014, this question plagued me. All I could think was that I left the area on a high note. … Continue reading What Do/Will People Think of Me?


Delayed Revelation

This topic has been a recurring theme in conversations today. In neither of these conversations did we use the term "delayed revelation". The presence of this principle was obvious. The first conversation that brought this to mind was some commenting back and forth with another blogger. The topic was how God develops character and perseverance … Continue reading Delayed Revelation

Happy Anniversary: One Year of Overcomers Church

Despite the rumor that we were no longer meeting, we celebrated one year of worship together. A part of me wanted to preach a typical message that was about high numbers and all the bragging rights that many new churches (especially splits) have. We didn't split. I didn't try to steal anyone from another church. … Continue reading Happy Anniversary: One Year of Overcomers Church

Cold Hard Facts

Only one who has experienced the passing of a child can understand what goes along with it. I encourage you to read this post and be a blessing if you can.

Bereaved Parents

Folks, I don’t like doing this and am not very good at it, but I need to ask a favor. I just received some very disheartening news this morning and I’m feeling like a very foolish old woman, at the moment.
I had to call my Publisher this morning because of an annual fee that is due and for the 1st time was told the actual ‘numbers’ regarding my Book: ‘Gifts from the Ashes’. It was a step of faith for me to do this, but it was one I was willing to take in order to get my son’s poems published to honor him. Reality can sometimes be very cold and hard-hitting, though.
It turns out that when folks buy the Book from Amazon or Barnes & Noble, even though it is at a higher price, I only receive $1.16 per book. If…

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You had one job to do!!!

This is excellent advice on how we can be the best at our job. We all need the reminder that how well we attempt to perform our job is a reflection of our character.

The Elijah Call

I think one of the funniest moments are when an individual fails at a simple task and someone yells out, “you had one job to do!!!” Maybe it was a tough task like holding a light still or transporting something heavy. No one wants to fail, but it’s only failure if you choose to label it as such.

In Matthew 24, Jesus shares a parable about a master who hands out money or talents to his servants while He goes away and says “occupy until I come again.” In other words, do business until I come back. To one He gave 5 talents, another He gave 2 talents, and the last He gave one talent. I don’t want to bore you with the details, so let’s just say the first invested their money and doubled what they were given, and the last one took his one talent and hid it…

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