Cut the Line of Bull

Have you ever looked high and low, wondering if you'll ever find the real deal? I have. As long as there are hypocrites, those I speak of here will exist. Pastors who pretend to care. Family who pretends to love you. Christians who pretend to be the holiest people ever. Coworkers who pretend to be … Continue reading Cut the Line of Bull


When God Says No

From the time we are born, there is one word we hate hearing - the word "No!" We don't mind saying it, but the devil comes out of us when we hear it. This generation hates it more than ever because we have this crazy idea that God is our fairy godmother rather than our … Continue reading When God Says No

When Image and Talent Trump Character and Experience

I have noticed a trend in churches that is becoming more popular, that is the trend of making the "face" of the church (pastors and platform personalities) more appealing (muscular, fashionable, slender, etc.) and valuing that more than having proven character and experience. The church has developed a Hollywood mentality. Preachers, worship leaders, and other … Continue reading When Image and Talent Trump Character and Experience