The Second Half

When I was going through the transition of being a once-married pastor to a remarried pastor, I remember an illustration a pastor friend of mine gave me. He told me that my life was much like a football game. At that stage of life, I was in the locker room during half time. The second quarter ended pretty rough, but I had an entire second half of the game to win. Those words still ring in my mind as I sat in the local Chick-Fil-A seeking some wise counsel. 

This second half has been interesting. I met the lady I prayed for, got married, had a baby, and am experiencing all the things that come with a blended family. As a man who led transitions, I have now experienced plenty of transition personally.

This phase is no different. I am starting to circulate once again in ministering around in music and preaching. While God is moving in one way, He has redirected in my wife’s life.

After much prayer and consideration, my wife is leaving her place of work after 16 years. This will change things financially, but we know that this was ultimately the best thing for my wife’s health and for our family. God made it abundantly clear.

Please join us in prayer as this was a leap of faith. She and I both know that God has a new assignment for her and a place where she can use her gifts and make a little money in the process. We just know that this will be on a part-time basis in this season of our life. 

There is more transition yet ahead of us. I have no doubt that 2017 will be our best year yet. I have a glimpse of what’s ahead but no full revelation. God will make it clear. Until then, I will embrace every opportunity and be thankful for the ways He provides during this season. If God took care of me almost 3 years ago when I had no job, He will do it again with our current needs. 

To the one who is finding yourself in transition, maybe you’re wondering what is next. I will assure you that you won’t find out fast enough in YOUR time. God will reveal it in His time as He works to make you a stronger person. You still have some of the game of life left to play. Play it well!


3 thoughts on “The Second Half

  1. Praying for you both in this time, and yes, there’s plenty of time left in the “game” and I am confident that God is going to continue doing great things through both of you!

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