That’s Mine (No, It’s God’s)

I have been humored by how territorial we are about things. I am, by no means, dissing your right to be protective over your personal property. However, I don’t want you to forget who was gracious enough to allow to you have it. Yes, you may have achieved it through hard work. That’s commendable, but remember God gave you the job and ability to make that money that you used to purchased that. 

Now to a church application of this! I have seen people get territorial over things in the church. I’ve seen grown women fight over choir books that the church funds paid for (and the women fighting over the books may not have even given a dime to the church, but I digress). People fight over seats and even leave a cushion in the pew to save their place. It’s crazy!

As a church plant, we may lack in funds and attendance as we are still in our infancy, but we understand that Overcomers Church does not belong to me as pastor or to the people. One thing I admire about our people is that they jump in to help meet a need in our services. Every week, there is almost someone different projecting lyrics and sermon outlines. My wife did so today for the first time. No one gets territorial. We rent a room in a building that doesn’t belong to us. We don’t save seats. We understand that the concept of the church was set forth by Jesus Christ, and we strive to be real. We don’t have to vote on anything. We allow God to determine our direction because it is His Church. It is awesome and refreshing!

The next time you want to start World War III in a church because your great grandpappy was the first deacon, built the handicapped ramp outside, and taught the men’s Sunday School class for 100 years and the nominating committee picked someone outside your family to teach the class when he died, remember who created the heavens and the earth (the same One who created the concept of the Church). This is not ours! If you have a relationship with Christ, your citizenship is in Heaven anyway (Philippians 3:21). Thank God for the things you get to borrow on this earth and look forward to the joy that awaits you forever in the presence of your Savior.


12 thoughts on “That’s Mine (No, It’s God’s)

  1. I don’t understand our preoccupation with numbers. Jesus dropped down to 12 or less many times and asked about those as well…”Will you also go away….” Yes, they did. However, we only are to perform his will. Let HIM worry about the numbers. Sorry, but you seem to doing pretty well to me. God bless you.

    1. It’s a huge temptation, and I have sadly had to fight the way I was trained. This venture in church planting is teaching me so much about quality over quantity. As you stated, my calling is obedience. The rest is up to Him.

  2. You really don’t want those brought in by your own hand. The numbers game is the way of business and the world. We have but one mission and that is to the Lord. Even Jesus made no real attempt to convert. He said had he taught it as such they would have converted. Obviously, he didn’t want that to happen. In other words, His Word is reserved for whom HE calls. Yes, he uses us and I fall into temptation as well. Of course, i wish that my words actually had an effect on people. Well, heck, they don’t and it is okay. I write it anyway. If the other guys words were effective, then truthfully, then there would be no need for us. Hang in there friend, for the Lord is and will use you. Simply stay true to His word.

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