Purpose over Pain

Some of us need these reminders from Joni’s “Grief to Life” blog.

All the Things Joni

It’s one thing to think it. Some days you just need to say it out loud…

“My purpose is greater than my pain.

My destiny outweighs my history.

My hope is greater than my hardship.

God’s grace outweighs my shame.

My blessings are bigger than my burdens.

God’s favor outweighs my failure.”

Joni 💗 Grief to Life

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5 thoughts on “Purpose over Pain

  1. Learning to love myself as God loves me has been the biggest obstacle in my Christian walk of 11 years…. forgiving myself the way God forgives me… being the man God sees and not the man I see in the mirror. It is a daily battle. But Christ is with me always… I just wish I could get that through my thick skull some times!

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