You Reap What You Sow

Some of you may be thinking that I’m going to go on a rant about sinful lifestyles. If so, I will kindly tell you that you are…

Here I will talk about investment. Not financial investment, but the investment of your life.

Today, I had the sweet privilege of visiting with a lady whose husband received his eternal reward a few weeks ago. Outside our area, I would doubt she is well known. But among those whom she has influenced, she is loved and respected. Why is this?

I think it boils down to a simple thing – she reaped love and sowed it in return. She and I are from different ethnic backgrounds, but you are instantly family when you walk in the door. She not only sows love but also wisdom and life experience. When she speaks, I take notes.

When I reach my 80s, I want to be able to leave that kind of legacy. If you find people avoiding you, ask what you are sowing into their lives. If you are sowing something, check your motives. Motives matter too. We don’t give with the expectation of glory, high fives, newspaper ads about our kindness, and people singing our praises. There is something to be said about the one who quietly sows love because of her deep desire to give. May we sow like this precious lady. Only eternity will reveal the impact.

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11 thoughts on “You Reap What You Sow

  1. True…excellent post. God continues to confirm things through my reading tonight. I have been praying for right motives. I believe He has revealed to me that at times mine are self-seeking and now is the time to start straightening that out. Your post was very timely.

  2. Awesome post Matthew! It is so true that the small acts of kindness are what truly add up to a life well lived! My great grandmother passed to be with the Lord last year – and she continues to be remembered as a kind woman who treated everyone she met well. I hope to have that kind of legacy when my time is up!

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