Taking Depression Seriously: Look for the Signs! Hear the Cries for Help!

I have not kept it a secret that I have struggled with anxiety and depression for several years. It is a challenge, especially when pastors are expected to always be strong for everyone else and often do not find that anyone is strong for them.

Today, a church grieves the loss of its pastor to suicide. A wife grieves the loss of her husband. Children grieve the loss of a father. Parents grieve the loss of a son. While those who ascribe to poor and unbiblical doctrine want to preach him into Hell, the only thing that would have sent him there was to reject Christ as his Lord and Savior. You may not understand mental illness and have come to your own conclusions, but it’s real. Educate yourself!

If someone you know or love is suffering with this, don’t dismiss it as attention-seeking behavior or something that is not legitimate. It is plaguing countless people. No one wants this. Of that, I can assure you. Know the signs. Hear the cries for help. Know the resources that are available.

I encourage you to pray for this pastor and all who are affected by his death. Furthermore, pray for all who suffer mental illness tonight. They did not choose this. Let’s pray tonight for a heightened awareness and determination to be present even when we don’t understand.

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8 thoughts on “Taking Depression Seriously: Look for the Signs! Hear the Cries for Help!

  1. What a tragedy. I’m so sorry. On top of normal life challenges, I think many people do not realize how much spiritual warfare often comes against pastors. We really do need to be praying for them.

    I was really blessed, several years back I was dealing with some major stuff, a kid with life threatening addiction, finances, our whole family falling apart, and the Lord just sent me a ton of pastors, all facing huge struggles, feeling pretty much alone as I was. It changed everything for me, opened my eyes, helped me to understand where God was in the midst of the mess. It was their depression, their grief and sorrow, their realness, that reached me in a way no one else ever could.

    You may have noticed, but today I have heart for pastors and I stalk them all over the internet trying to pour encouragement and prayers all over them. I’m pretty sure most of them don’t realize how precious they are to God and how badly the rest of us need them.

  2. I was saddened in hearing about the death of the pastor who took his own life. How sad to feel like your life has to end in such a manner that you feel you have no one and no way to find your way out of a deep, tragic depression. Even though God may seem far away, he isn’t. It is wonderful at times like that when someone has family and friends to surround them. I am sorry for the loss of the pastor.

  3. My prayers go out to all those who are left behind, all those suffering from this disease, all pastors who give themselves for their flock with very little in return. God knows the heart. Hear our prayer dear Gracious Father, and heal them all. In Jesus’ name, Amen.

    It’s difficult sometimes to tune the world out and pastors have a difficult task to always be a positive influence to their church community. Not everyone is aware they, (you) too are human and vulnerable. Very sad. May we all learn from this tragedy and say a little prayer for you pastors who face the dragon head on. Blessings always.

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