My Decision-Making Embargo

Sarah has written a great post on decision-making. It is worth the read.

Work in Progress

Me at 1:15am: I should do a 30-day series in January. It’ll be great! I already have one outlined. 

Also Me at 1:16 am: Stop it. You are not allowed to make any more decisions tonight. 

A lot of the time, my ambition gets the better of me. I come up with a great (or what I think will be a great) idea and will go hard after it at the expense of myself, my relationships, and my sanity. So, there are times, like now, when I have to put an embargo on my ability to make decisions.

No Unilateral Decisions

Most of the time I trust my decision-making abilities, but that doesn’t diminish my need for wise counsel around me. In fact, because I trust myself so much and pride myself on my good decision-making skills, my need for wise counsel is absolutely vital. Just like anyone else, when…

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