Scathing Reviews

Have you ever gotten a nasty letter, email, text, or phone call? I believe most, if not all, of us have. We received one of those at work recently. We sat down to evaluate if we could have done anything better in the situation since we typically go above and beyond as we have in this case. We noted a few areas of improvement, but we also noted that some of the expectations in the letter were too high.

It hit home because a few sentences related to this individual’s thoughts about me. The individual said I was too laid-back and of no help. I was bothered by the remarks, but I began to realize that I cannot help everyone. I am limited as a human being. The devil wanted to upset me by one remark when God has used me to help a good number of people. I stopped to pray for this individual. I have been where this person is. I went to one counselor who was not very helpful while the next one was just what I needed. I did not fault the first counselor. God has used him to help others, but his background was not as beneficial to me.

The next time you receive some scathing remarks or criticism, be willing to improve where needed but also know that you will not be able to help everyone. Someone else will come along and potentially meet the need better. Criticism from others does not define you. Let that release you from unnecessary bondage!


9 thoughts on “Scathing Reviews

  1. Thanks for that. I’m sure you’ve helped a lot of people today. I think the devil wants to see people unconcerned for others, but when someone IS compassionate and willing to help people, he uses this tactic to discourage them from caring.

  2. You’re hit it! There are different ministries, churches, etc. As God made each of us to be a unique individual with a unique assignment and personality to minister to those we’re meant to where the Lord has planted us, no one person will be able to meet the needs of all who come to them. Let’s stop expecting to have all our needs met by anyone other than Jesus Christ.

  3. We often seek help from the wrong person/source. My God shall supply all my needs according to His riches in Christ Jesus, but we like to find our needs met by other sources. None of us is meant to be all things to all people except Christ! He told us we’re blessed when people say things against us because they did the same to Him.

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