I’m sure many of you are already thinking the statement that is often said about assuming. Like it or not, it is true. We have done this more times than we want to admit. I was reminded of an incorrect assumption on my part today.

Today was one of those days when God reminded me that one of my assumptions was wrong. To be totally honest, assumptions are great tools used by the devil to cause unnecessary drama in your life. If he can turn you against someone, get you out of church, or rob you of your joy, he will stop at nothing.

So the next time you assume something, ask yourself if that is fact or some crazy conclusion you came to because someone looked at you funny or spoke to you in a not-so-nice tone. Your assumptions could change your life in a negative way. Stop believing before you come to that point!


One thought on “Assumptions

  1. My husband and I have a “code word” for when we assume….. much like Mr. Tumnus’ “Spare Oom” – we say “Ass-Uming” again? 😀

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