As is the nature of the job I perform, our staff sees death frequently. Today, we had 2 precious individuals that we poured our lives into leave this Earth. Both professed to know the Lord, so I take comfort in that. While our staff are trained professionals in their areas, we are a compassionate group. People often tell me, “You have to have something special to be able to do what you do.” I tell them that, for me, it is a calling and that God has given me the compassion to go with it. I have also said that anyone who lacks compassion should dig ditches rather than work for hospice. Those who are facing death along with their families who are sharing the journey need nothing less than compassionate nurses, CNAs, social workers, chaplains, and other staff and volunteers.

Compassion is a needed and missing quality. Along with compassion, people must be passionate about what they do. These two go hand in hand. I have done things without both compassion and passion. These things were a major flop.

I beg you today to come to a place where you are selfless enough to be compassionate and passionate about what you do. When you possess these qualities, work is no longer a drudgery and serving others fulfills you. May we be like Jesus who had compassion when He looked on the multitudes. Aren’t you glad He looked on you and had compassion?

9 thoughts on “Compassion

  1. Great post! As a nurse who works with many hospice patients, I also get told this. You can tell who is in it for the money by their lack of compassion. It’s like they view each patient like another part that comes down the conveyor belt. We are so task-oriented that sometimes we forget to see the person in the patient. I frequently have to step back and pray for redirection.
    I think you hit the problem square on when you said we should come to a place to be selfless enough to show compassion. Thank you!

    1. William,
      Unfortunately, I see this so very much.
      My husband and daughter work with physically and mentally handicapped adults in a non-profit environment. You can always tell who is it for the money (even though they don’t make much more than minimum wage, it’s better than no job, they reason) and who is there because they want to be. It angers me that the employees feel put out and put upon when they aren’t even doing their assigned jobs!! It’s not easy, but they know that going into it and yet they act like somebody tricked them (and don’t even get me started on how hard it is to let them go!). Sorry, I got on my soapbox, I’ll step off now.
      Thank you for your love and compassion to your patients, we desperately need more like you in the health field, along with more like Matthew in the ministry!

  2. well said, and so true…and def been blessed by God to do what you do…we all need compassion (as you said) …may God continue to strengthen you and bless you and your family.

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