I was reading through Psalm 119 and came across this phrase in verse 126: “It is time for You to act, O Lord.” Have you ever felt that way? You had a situation that you have been praying about or an answer you have waited for, and you feel like God hasn’t acted soon enough.

My blogging and preaching has often come from my own experiences in my Christian life. The greatest mistake we make is that we try to “help God out”. He doesn’t need our help when it comes to directing our path. His provision and whatever you may need comes in His time NOT OURS!

The greatest temptation is for us to give up on praying and trusting God while we wait. Jesus instructed us to keep asking, keep seeking, and keep knocking. Don’t stop! Don’t give up! Keep talking to God even through your frustration! He knows you’re frustrated, so you might as well pour out your heart to Him. Ultimately, He WILL act but it may be in an unexpected and better way that is for our good and maturity.


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